The Texas Judicial Foundation is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to educating Texas judges for excellence. Texas judges must have the knowledge of the very best practices to be able to lead in the resolution of the many diverse issues facing the Texas judicial system. After much deliberation and study the Executive Committee of the Judicial Section of the State Bar of Texas recommended the creation of a nonprofit foundation to support judicial education.  In 2007, the Judicial Section of the State Bar of Texas approved the recommendation and by direction of the Chairman of the Judicial Section the Texas Judicial Foundation was created.

When you evaluate justice or the judicial system in Texas, the cornerstone of all services is the individual serving as judge. Today our judges are confronted with more diverse topics and rapid changes in the law than at any time in our history. Everyone recognizes that it can take years to train individuals to proficiently fill their leadership position. Today the average tenure of service for a trial judge is approximately eight years, and an appellate justice approximately nine years. The best way to expedite an increase in proficiency is a commitment of resources to educate, thereby more rapidly increasing the knowledge and experience of judges.

To finance its operations, the Texas Judicial Foundation will raise funds from private, public, and charitable entities through direct solicitation of contributions, as well as grant funds. Because its funding sources are independent from government appropriations, it can pursue the Foundation’s goals without being inhibited by the vagaries of political change and influence. As a result, the Foundation will be able to concentrate its educational programs on the most effective means to administer justice in our rapidly changing social and economic environment. A commitment of resources to educate judges is the best way to expedite an increase in proficiency, knowledge and experience of judges.

The Texas Judicial Foundation Board of Directors subscribe to the highest ideals of American jurisprudence as they aspire to support a fair and impartial court system in the State of Texas which administers equal justice to all without regard to race, religion, creed, color, or socio-economic status.

The Texas Judicial Foundation funds judicial education programs that focus on emerging trends and best practices to help Texas judges perform their duties skillfully, ethically and efficiently.