2014 Annual Report
PYetter photo


Paul Yetter presents Judge Randy Clapp, chair of the Texas Center the Judiciary, with a check at the Judicial Section annual conference.

This is the perfect time to distribute the Texas Judicial Foundation’s first annual report. For many people, January offers an opportunity to reflect on the past year, considering its successes as well as its lessons. For those who support TJF, this month reminds us of what the Foundation has accomplished and how it continues striving to fulfill its mission.

Since 2008, TJF has contributed to the education of active and assigned appellate, district, and county court at law judges in Texas. In more recent years, its mission has become more urgent as legislative budget cuts impacted judicial training programs. TJF stepped up to fill this gap, providing funding for symposia and conferences on many important topics. Last year, for example, TJF co-sponsored the Civil Justice Conference presented by the Texas Center for the Judiciary. This two-day event covered a range of issues, including cutting-edge topics specifically requested by members of our Judiciary, from e-discovery to oil and gas law to water rights. Featuring lecturers from both inside and outside the legal profession, the Conference responded to the Judiciary’s need to stay current with developments in industry and the law. TJF looks forward to continuing in its sponsorship for this Conference in 2015.

To fulfill the funding goals of TJF, we have reached out to law firms, businesses, and individuals around the state – and we have been gratified to receive outstanding support. Regardless of our contributors’ legal or political viewpoints, all sides of the table agree that a knowledgeable judge remains the foundation of our outstanding court system. In 2014, the Foundation raised over $100,000, which will be used to carry on its mission in the years to come. You can find a full listing of our contributors in this report, as well as a chart that explains how we have put the donations to use.

In this new year of 2015, we will continue our efforts to ensure educational opportunities are available to all judges, contributing to a strong, effective Judicial Branch. We thank you for your support in the past, and we hope you will support the Texas Judicial Foundation again this year.


Paul Yetter, Chair
Yetter Coleman LLP
Houston, TX